Best wine openers and corkscrews 2017 – Buyer’s guide

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The subject of our today’s review is a wine opener or a corkscrew – in fact, two different models of a tool which opens wine bottles. Later in the article we will review each type in more detail. It is uneasy task to select a wine opener from the big variety of models and types which exist on the market.


How to choose a good quality wine opener?

When seeking a corkscrew you need to pay attention to the quality of spiral. It must have a sharp sting, that penetrates to the cork with ease. And the spiral must be made out of solid metal and to be thin enough to not break the cork.

The handle also has an important role, because it affects the usability of the wine opener. It must be comfortable in hand and made out of good quality material.

So the good quality wine opener will work quickly and quietly without squeak and other extraneous sounds. It must look elegant and presentable. The corkscrew should not have unpleasant smell either.


What kinds of wine openers exist?

Embed this infographic Kinds of Wine Openers and Corkscrews on your site:


1. The twist & pull corkscrew is a traditional T-shaped corkscrew or so-called “steel worm” – the most common and the simplest model. In fact this is a spiral that perpendicularly attached to the handle. The way it works is extremely simple but not very convenient, as you have to apply substantial effort to extract the cork out of the bottle.

2. The winged “butterfly” corkscrew or lever corkscrew is very popular among bartenders and beginners’ best choice. It is very simple and easy to use. This wine opener has a handle, the base and two “wings”. When screwing in the center part, wings (levers) rise up and then just need to be pushed down to pull the cork out.

3. Screw – also very handy in use, but the opening of the bottle will take more time than with previous two wine openers. Efforts amount is average and all you need to do is just twist the handle. The cork will be screwed on the spiral and thus the cork will get extracted. Today, a lot of popular electric wine openers work  by the same principle.

4. The air pump wine opener is the most convenient, because your efforts will not be needed when using this one. Just put the needle onto the cork, press the button and device will start pumping air into the bottle, what will cause the cork to fly out under the pressure.

5. The next one is the “Rabbit ears” or “Bunny ears“. It is pretty simple to use of this wine opener.  It only takes couple of lifts and then pressing the “ears” down. The nice bonus is the cork clap.

6. The Ah-So Wine Opener or “Gypsy” corkscrew is suitable for unsealing of expensive wines aged in old bottles for a long time. This device will not cause unnecessary damage to fragile old cork prompt to crumbling. Two thin plates enter on the sides of the cork, enfold it and gently remove it from the bottle.

7. Another professional high-tech device is table top wine opener or corkscrew-jack which is very expensive and takes up space. The spiral gently enters the cork, while the base tightly wraps the bottleneck. The mechanism is like a jack, gradually and gently extracts the cork. The model of this type might have a small knife designed for cutting wine wrap.

8. One of the best and heavily used corkscrews is “waiter’s friend“. At the first sight it is not very convenient, but actually this corkscrew is used the most by professionals. The waiter’s corkscrew is a classic device to uncork the bottle of wine, because it gives ability to open it quickly and elegantly at the same time. One more advantage of the waiter’s corkscrew is the included little knife to cut the foil off.


We here at Guru Adviser have done a hard work for you by picking 5 best selling amazon wine openers 2017 covering most of their features and going into enough details so you can make a right choice.


Brand Type Synthetic corks Foil cutter

Rechargeable Yes Included
HQY Rabbit ears No Included
Oster Rechargeable Yes Included
HiCoup Waiter’s corkscrew No Included
Ozeri Rechargeable Yes Included


1. Rechargeable wine opener by Secura

This product came in a nice black gift box. Everything was packed well. The box included Secura wine opener, a foil cutter, a charging base, instruction and adapter.

And now about the product itself. When I pulled it out from the box and put on the table I said “WOW”. This looks great on my counter. The blue light causes sensation of something awesome and it acts as a nightlight for my kitchen. Also, it looks great with my stainless steel appliances.

Besides being attractively designed, it also works great. It is very easy to use. Earlier my girlfriend had a hard time opening a wine bottle, but now she can open it easily with one hand .

You just need to cut the wine wrapper with the foil cutter which is included in this set, line up the corkscrew and press the down arrow. After that you need to press the button again and cork is extracted from the device. This wine opener has a good torque power and pulls out corks in a blink of an eye.

You may notice a minor sound while operating this opener, but it’s hardly a bothering or annoying noise. The most important thing about this opener, is that it simply works great.


 YouTube video:

Gift box: it can be a perfect gift
Good quality: made out of stainless steel and has plenty of torque
Blue LED light: blue light looks awesome and can serve as a nightlight
Easy to use: you can open the bottle with one hand
Sound: it makes a sound during operation


2. Rabbit Wine Opener by HQY

This corkscrew was packaged in classic black box. When I opened the box, there was wine opener, foil cutter and extra spiral for corkscrew. There was no operation manual included, but the box itself had instructions on how to operate the wine opener.

HQY rabbit wine opener made out of zinc alloy metal with plating. It looks durable enough and very attractive. The bronze finish adds elegance. The instructions on the box are straightforward and should not leave you wondering about the way this tool should be used.

Be careful to note, that this device is not meant for use with synthetic corks. It will work only with natural or pressed wine corks.

Also when using HQY corkscrew, you can’t re-cork a wine bottle. It means that the cork expands when you pull it out and there is no mechanism for compress it and reinsert in the bottle. That’s why you’ll need to have a bottle stopper if using this opener.

 YouTube video:

Beautiful set: wine opener, foil cutter and 2 corkscrew worms
Elegant design: made out of zinc alloy metal with plating
Easy to use: just read instruction and everything becomes clear
Does not re-cork the wine bottles
Can’t be used with synthetic corks


3. Rechargeable wine opener by Oster

A chiller, which was included in the box as a bonus, was a pleasant surprise. There were also a recharging base, adapter, foil cutter and instruction on how to use the wine opener included.

The Oster wine opener is made of good quality materials. Although, it made out of plastic, it feels good in your hands. I think, it can endure being dropped on the ground pretty well. It should be noted, that wine opener looks very modern and stylish. It has simple design and modern look – you’ll find nothing else but operation button and power indicator light on its surface.

The dock is a nice addition for the wine opener. Also it is very easy to use, all you need is to connect it to the outlet. Regardless of what your kitchen’s style and decor are, this opener is most likely going to fit in just fine.

I was a little apprehensive when tried to open first bottle, but after a try, I handled opening following bottles like a pro. You don’t need to put too much effort into opening – is does all the work for you.

The wine opener is powerful enough and it allows you to uncork any type of a bottles. Regardless the crock’s type, either it’s natural, pressed or synthetic cork – the opener will work with it.

 YouTube video:

Well made: durable and feels good in hands
Beautiful: it looks very modern and stylish
Good power: allows you to uncork any type of corks
Chiller: helps to quickly chill a bottle of wine
Package: it arrives in the simple, poor box


4. The waiter’s corkscrew by HiCoup

When I received this small black box, my first impression was that this device cannot compete with previous more expensive wine openers. But when I opened the package and  and gave it a try, I was pleasantly surprised.

The corkscrew by HiCoup feels practically designed and durable. It is very compact and can easily fit in a pocket. That’s why it very popular among bartenders and waiters.

Another plus is that this device combines the corkscrew and the foil cutter, all in one. It can be easily expanded and folded back. This mechanism works perfectly without any extraneous sounds and obstacles to opening a bottle.

This wine opener is stiff and sturdy. It’s not hard to unfold it but  it is not too loose assembly either. The opener construction is fairly balanced.

When buying on Amazon, you can chose from variations of handles. There are rosewood, ebony wood and stainless steel with rosewood inlay available. As for me, I bought the rosewood, but it seems like they all look very nice.

But what is really important is that it has very affordable price. It is about half a price of other openers in this review.


 YouTube video:

Attractiveness: wooden finish of the handle looks very nice
Stiffness: It is not hard to open and it is not unintentionally opening
Size: very compact construction to have it always with yourself
Price: allows you to replace all your old corkscrews
The box it came in was really flimsy. No damage to product during shipping but just worth noting


5. Rechargeable wine opener by Ozeri

At first, I was surprised when I opened the box and there was no recharging base. In the white box there were wine opener, adapter and wine pourer with stopper only.

Turns out, that to charge this device you simply need  to connect Ozeri wine opener directly to the outlet through the adapter. And  there is no need to use recharging base. Also, the foil cutter is attached to the corkscrew. It’s placed on the top of the opener and simply needs to be taken off  with one twist, when you need it . No base and  attached foil cutter make it very compact and practical.

This appliance can become a favorite toy in your kitchen! It is extremely easy and fun to use. This opener has a powerful engine. It takes about 10 seconds to pull the cork out of the bottle and about half of that to release the cork from the device. Not the fastest wine opener, but it can open up to 60 bottles on a single charge.

When you operate this wine opener or when  it’s being charged, the blue backlight goes on. The Illumination looks very cool especially in the dark. This curved design with ergonomic grip attracts and inspires.

It opens both natural and synthetic corks, no batteries required and it looks very stylish. The Ozeri wine opener is  in overall a very good choice!

 YouTube video:

Ergonomic: can open up to 60 bottles on a single charge
Compact: no need for a base stand; the foil cutter is a part of the opener itself
Illumination: stylish blue light turns on when operating and charging
Works with natural and synthetic corks
Slow: it needs about 20 seconds to release the cork



In pretty much everyone’s life there was a situation when  there was a bottle of good wine but there was no a corkscrew…

Many of us shook the bottle, poked the cork with a knife, tried to push it inside the bottle, some even broke off the bottleneck in desperate attempt to get to adults’ juice! Some  of these efforts were rewarded and some are not, but everyone surely has learned one important lesson- a good quality wine opener is a must for having an enjoyable experience with wine tasting or drinking!

This buyer’s guide provides some important information that will help you in your find a right corkscrew for yourself. And after reading it, you will have a better idea of what are main types of wine openers and their distinguishing features, while you’ll  also be able to easily find your own best wine opener of 2017.


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