Best salt and pepper mills 2017 – Buyer’s guide

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Salt and pepper mills (grinders) are the gadgets that everyone must have in their kitchen. Mills are not only handy kitchen necessity  but can also become a stylish addition to anyone’s home.

When you are hosting a party or cooking your family’s favorite meal, it is very important to not spoil the impression by tasteless dishes. That’s why it is crucial to have good quality grinders on the kitchen counter which could be used for pretty much every spice corns.


What do you need to know when looking for salt and pepper mills?

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When you are shopping for best salt and pepper mills you should realize how different they can be externally and functionality-wise.

First of all, the material from which they are made matters. The mills can be wooden, glass, steel and plastic. The least reliable material for salt and pepper mills is plastic since is not durable and won’t serve you too long.

Second, the grinding mechanism comes into play as well. It can also be  made of steel, ceramic and acrylic. When considering a steel rotor,  you need to understand that metal rotor  is unsuitable for salt. Also, cheap acrylic rotor will not serve you for a long time.That is why the optimal choice is ceramic grinding mechanism.

Mills can have adjustable coarseness feature. This function allows you to change grind size from fine to coarse milling.

Grinders can be manual or automatic. Manual grinders are operated by hand and automatic are usually powered by battery. Please note that when battery dies not all grinders are equipped to operate in manual mode. Therefore, pick your grinders carefully.


Now, we will try to help you choose your grinders by making a thorough review of few best selling amazon mills 2017 by covering most of their features and going into enough details so you can make a right choice.


Brand Type Material Capacity
Lerutti Manual Steel 3/4 cup
Levav Manual Glass 3/4 cup
Willow & Everett Manual Glass 3/4 cup
Lifestyle Dynamics Dual manual Acrylic 1/2 cup
Latent Epicure Battery operated Steel 1/2 cup


  1. Manual salt and pepper mills by Lerutti

Product arrived very quickly, it comes with instruction in elegant white box. The package looks very stylish and modern despite very simple design. These mills look perfect and well made. The main material is brushed stainless steel and it causes sensation of deluxe and premium.

They are enough lightweight and easy to use. My grandfather has arthritis in both wrists, but he used these mills with ease so this salt and pepper mills are perfect for him.

Salt and pepper mills by Lerutti have a grind setting that adjusts easily. It is wonderful that Lerutti can meet any grinding preference from super fine to harshly coarse with number  of easily adjustable coarseness settings. The fine is super fine and the coarse is really coarse, which is what I have been seeking for years.

This mills hold a good amount of salt and pepper in the canister, 2 ounces of pepper corns and 5 ounces of Himalayans salt crystals.

The only one lack that I noticed, is that there is a little bit of salt and pepper leak from the bottom part that may leave a residue on the dining table. Not a big problem at all for myself though.

In conclusion, this is very nice set, mills look great, easy to use and work well. If you are seeking for the gift idea, this salt and pepper mills by Lerutti can be an ideal choice.

Work great: these mills grind any salt and pepper with ease
Look great: very nice mills made out of brushed stainless steel
Easy adjustment: it is very easy to adjust from fine to coarse
Can be a perfect gift for everyone
The caps will not be superfluous to prevent them from leaking the salt or pepper out the bottom part


  1. Manual salt and pepper mills by Levav

When I received this salt and pepper mills the first thing that rushed into the eyes is that in description they looked smaller than they are. They can really hold a lot of salt and pepper. Also they are attractive and elegant.

The glass (not plastic) is thick so if you have kids don’t worry because it has been dropped a couple of times and they do not seem to be damaged. The top is made of stainless steel.

It’s really nice that mills by Levav grind and dispense from the top, what allows for not leave a mess on the table or counter top.

I like their size, you don’t need to constantly refill them and process of refilling is very simple. You don’t need a funnel to refill them.

I use coarse pink Himalayan salt and they grind it with ease. Same thing with black pepper.

I like the adjustable grinding setting from fine to coarse. It works well.

Durable quality: thick glass and stainless steel top
Large capacity: I use them multiple times a day and refilled them only after 3 months
Adjustable grinding settings: you can choose from fine to coarse grinding
Attractiveness: looks nice on the dining table
With time the glass gets a little dirty and it gets hard to clean


  1. Manual salt and pepper mills by Willow & Everett

If you are seeking clean and simple salt and pepper mills, you must choose these. Mills by Willow & Everett are just great at doing what they must to do! They are good at grinding and  also the process of changing coarseness from fine to coarse is very simple.

Despite the simplicity of these mills they also look stylish, comfortable in hand and sturdy. They grind from top too and it means that no more mess on the dining table. In the same time they have caps, so any debris can’t get inside the mills when it stand on the table.

It’s nice that these mills are made out of glass instead of cheap plastic. The top part is made out of the brushed stainless steel and the rotor inside the top part is ceramic.Although, between the stainless steel and ceramic there is plastic. It seems like salt and pepper don’t contact much with this plastic but it is  a small flaw to notice.

The stand is a nice addition to these mills. It looks as a whole along with a stand and it is a great addition to any kitchen design too.

Works easily: even children can use these mills and adjust coarsnes
Well built: sturdy glass in combine with brushed stainless steel and ceramic rotor
They hold a lot of product
Stand: nice and practical bonus
Inside of the top part made out of plastic


  1. Dual salt and pepper mill by Lifestyle Dynamics

Mill by Lifestyle Dynamics is two in one. This type of mills is very handy in the kitchen because it saves your time, space and money.

Also this salt and pepper mill not too big and not too small. Seems like they its size balanced because it can hold big quantity of salt and pepper in the same time.

This combo mill looks nice and attractive. Also, this product is well made, but the main material is acrylic rather than glass. It is great that it has the tight fitting cap on the both ends.

Like other mills this one has coarseness adjustment too. You can make the ground size larger or smaller as you need.

Actually a beautiful and affordable salt and pepper mill.

Handy: combo mill 2 in 1
Balanced size: it holds big quantity of salt and pepper at the same time
Adjustment coarseness
Acrylic body: this mill made out of acrylic and not glass


  1. Battery operated salt and pepper mills by Latent Epicure

Very beautiful battery operated Latent Epicure mills, excellent quality and the included plastic tray is a nice plus. The main problem of mills which grind from the bottom is the leak of salt and pepper particles. This manufacturer has solved that issue and provides nice holder for mills.

Сhanging the grind is so easy, special symbols show you how the adjustment setting works. It works great on any coarseness setting.

These mills need four AA batteries for each mill and it is better and more convenient than having to use 6 AAA batteries as in some other models of automatic mills. It is very easy to load batteries, just need to twist off top battery cover.

The quality of mills is really very good and also they are very handy in use, you just need to push the button with one hand and no twisting needed. They made out of stainless steel and look very attractive.

The only one negative thing that I have found is that if the button will breaks or batteries die then you will not be able to use these mills in manual mode. So check the batteries and be careful with the button.

Very stylish: it made out of stainless steel
Adjustable grinding: ease to change coarseness
Battery operated: you can operate it just one hand by pushing the button
Plastic stand: tray protects against the leak of salt and pepper particles
Can’t be used in manual mode
Price: they can be expensive for somebody



Now when you have read all our reviews and recommendations let’s choose the best mills 2017 in each of the niches.

If you are looking for ideal combination of quality and price or seeking grinders for a gift, the best choice will be Lerutti mills. If you are looking for the cheapest option but also hope that your mills will serve you long enough then you can choose mill by Lifestyle Dynamics. If you get tired from manual grinding, than purchase the battery operated Latent Epicure mills which also are very stylish. And if you want simple-looking, decent quality mills select Levav or Willow & Everett mills – they will be a great addition to your kitchen. 

We really hope, we  have helped you to choose your perfect grinders. Please come back to learn more about other best selling amazon products in 2017 which we will review in the nearest future.


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