Best knife sharpeners 2017 – Buyer’s guide

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Since the first knife invention, our ancestors have been trying to preserve the sharpness of the knife blades. At that times, they used natural stones and polished blades with animal skin. Nowadays, mechanical and electric devices are utilized for this purpose, which makes the process of sharpening fast and easy.

It is hard to overestimate the value of a sharp knife – it is a necessity for many to keep knives at their best cutting condition at all times. Use of a dull knife results the whole bunch of negative emotions: irritation, anger, regret, and eventually frustration. It can screw up preparation of any dish.

So today we will guide you through the best sharpening tools on the market which will hopefully help you select your  best knife sharpener in 2017.


How to preserve the knife sharpness?

1. Sharpening. This is the process of removing metal to form a new edge. The time of sharpening depends on how dull the knife really is. It is important to determine whether we to stop at this point or to move on to the next step. 

That is, if this knife will be used to cut coarse materials or textile and its “sawing” abilities are needed, then you can stop at this stage. A little scratches on the blade only contribute to its “sawing” purpose. But note, that sharpness of this knife is not going to last long.

2. Correction. It is needed in cases when the blade edges form “waves”. Sharpening is not what should be done here but rather the edge alignment.

3. Resharpening. This step is needed if the blade is damaged or we need to change the angle of blade sharpening.

4. Tweaking. It includes sandpapering which removes all microstrains and blade polishing. Knife that has undergone tweaking will have it’s cutting abilities  for longer period of time.


Electric sharpeners VS manual sharpeners

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1. Electric sharpeners. Their construction varies: from cumbersome manufacturing devices to small neat machines. They often used in restaurants, designed for frequent use and can sharpen damaged knives including solid steel blades. Usually electric knife sharpening systems have several stages.

There are special disks with different coating types inside the slots of these devices. Normally, 2-3 times is enough to sharpen the blade using the rotating mechanism of this sharpener. There is a function of choosing sharpening angle and type of sharpening surface which makes them extremely adaptable. This device is used by professionals and it is the fastest and handy way to sharpen a knife.

2. Manual sharpeners. These devices can always be  helpful regardless of the presence of electric outlet. Manual knife sharpeners can also  be of a very high quality and greatly functional. Professional manual sharpeners allow you to choose  desired sharpening angle, right abrasive stone, fix blade in right position, etc. Real professional sharpeners require certain skills and experience to use them.

This appliance is universal and very comfortable to use. When choosing a manual sharpener, you should be ready to spend some time learning. Most of the time, it’s more affordable than electric sharpener, however it does not mean that the goal of achieving great sharpening result is somehow compromised.


Below you can see my selection of the best selling knife sharpeners in 2017, their advantages and flaws. Also, there is a short summary  of my reviews that evaluates their operation.


Brand Type Serrated blades Weight

Work Sharp
Electric Yes 2 pounds
Wusthof Manual No 1 pound
Presto Electric No 4.2 pounds
SunrisePro Manual Yes 0.5 pounds
Chef’s Choice Electric Yes 5 pounds


1. Professional electric knife and tool sharpener system by Work Sharp

I think that this professional knife sharpener Work Sharp WSKTS is exactly the sharpener that everyone must have! It only takes a few minutes to make a good convex edge on the blade. After some practice it takes about five minutes to profile and to sharpen three knives – amazing result!

Earlier I thought that there is no knife sharpener that could sharpen knives better and quicker than whetstone. But when I tried to use this tool my opinion has changed, because I have never gotten a blade so sharp that could shave the hair off the arm.

It can be used to sharpen any kind of knife, serrations and gut-hooks, scissors and shears, yard and garden tools. This beast sharpens straight blades, curved, recurved, tanto and any other blade out there.

The package included abrasive belts that allow to choose sharpening level from fine to coarse. And if you register it for warranty you will get a free replacement belts.

I showed how this device works to all my friends and everyone had only one question “where did I get it?”. Nobody asked me how much it costs because it is not as important when it comes to quality knife sharpening. But when I told them how much it costed me, everybody immediately agreed that it was worth the money I have paid for it.

 YouTube video:

Fast: it needs only few minutes to sharpen the knife perfectly
Universality: it can be used to sharpen any kind of blades
Changeable belts
Good service: quick response from support team
Maybe you will need to get the hand to operate it well


2. Manual 4 stage knife sharpener by Wusthof

When I received this knife sharpener I immediately tried it out. I can’t say anything about the packaging, because it came in simple plastic case.

At first, I need to note that Wusthof knife sharpener is designed for standard and Asian style knives. The point is, that Asian knives have steeper blade angle and usual sharpeners can’t sharpen it well. So this knife sharpener has 2 stages of sharpening for standard blades and 2 stages for Asian blades.

I have one knife with Asian blade in my kitchen which was lying in a drawer for a long time. I passed it through the Asian stones several times and then several times through the Asian ceramic sharpening stones and a new edge had appeared on the blade.

Also this device copes well with standard knives, but I noticed a caveat. The problem is, that when I tried to sharpen my cheapest knife it created pits along the edge of the blade. I knew that the quality of this knife is very low but decided to conduct an experiment with it. That’s why if you want to use this knife sharpener, first  you want to make sure make your knives are of good enough quality.

There were no other problems with the other knives I had though. I took a sheet of paper and slashed it diagonally and I could barely feel the paper drag on the blade. After that I did it again few times just for fun. Very convincing!

 YouTube video:

4 stages: 2 stages of sharpening for standard blades and 2 stages for Asian blades
Good sharpening: knife after sharpening slashed the sheet of paper without any resistance
Rubberized base for better grip
German quality: weighted to be safe and secure
Can make pits along the edge blade of cheap knives


3. Professional electric knife sharpener by Presto

Here we are about to review the next knife sharpener. Like the first specimen the Presto knife sharpener is electric one too. And if you still sharpen knives using stones, I want to assure you, that now even your wife can easily sharpen knife with electric sharpener by Presto.

Maybe this sharpening system is not so professional and looks not as amazing as the first one, but it has its advantages too. The main benefit is that the process of knife sharpening is simpler, that’s why even inexperienced buyer can operate it without any problems.

This tool has 3 stages of sharpening and also 3 stages of adjustment of blade thickness: thin, medium and thick. It is very easy to use, because all you need is to choose the blade thickness and press the start button.

Stage 1 is a “metal munching” and it is used to set an edge on VERY dull knives. To put it in a nutshell, if your knife blade has nicks or is spoon sharp, you must skip the first stage. Always start from stage 2 and if after few runs through stage 2 it doesn’t sharpen blade well, revert to the first stage.

So, to sum it up, if you don’t have skills or time to sharpen knives with sharpening stone, this knife sharpener will be a catch for you. The price is affordable and the quality is acceptable.

 YouTube video:

3 stage sharpening system
3 stages blade selector: thin, medium and thick
Easy to use: choose the blade thickness and press the start button
The combination of price and quality
Poor design: made out of plastic


4. Manual knife sharpener by SunrisePro

I bought this SunrisePro knife sharpener because they claimed that this product is USA patented. It is vital to note though, that it was printed on the package “produced in Taiwan” (the territory of China) when I received it. I know that nowadays everything is produced in China, so came at no surprise to me. An important point is that this product actually patented in the USA and this is already nice!

Actually, this is a great little portable sharpener. Its size allows to store in the kitchen and also take it outside wherever you go. In any case, it does not take up a lot of room and doesn’t  cause inconvenience.

Despite its tiny size, this sharpener can do a great job with your knives. As for knife types, this baby can sharpen all types of knives and even serrated knives. I sharpened several knives and in both cases the result was perfect.

It is made using the tungsten carbide sharpening edges, therefore it has very quickly put a sharp edge on a dull knife. The downside is that a lot of metal shavings remain on the counter, so be ready to clean it all up after  using the sharpener.

 YouTube video:

USA patented
Portable device: allows to keep in the drawer and also take outside
Sharpens all types of knives
The tungsten carbide sharpening edges
Pieces of metal remain on the counter after sharpening


5. Professional electric 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect knife sharpener by Chef’s Choice

The Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect electric knife sharpener is the more expensive device than all of listed above. Speaking of this knife sharpening system you should immediately understand why is it so expensive. Let’s see what this monster is capable of.

It has 3-Stage EdgeSelect system which provides the perfect edge for each cutting task. EdgeSelect technology was specifically designed to sharpen standard and serrated knives.

The main feature of this tool is that it provides 15 degree angled edge blade when traditionally all standard knives have 20 degree edge. It makes the cutting process easy and improves the knife control. The thing is that, the thinner a blade is the less effort it takes to cut. Also, this unique technology prolongs life of the knives, because the 15 degree edge keeps the knife sharp longer than the regular 20 degree edge.

It is vital to note that it has diamond abrasives on stages 1 and 2 and these disks sharpen the edge with minimal removal of metal. It also contributes to life span of a knife and does not create mess at the workplace.

This tool is a real monster in knife sharpening, but note that it takes a lot of  counter space to keep it in the kitchen. So if you are thinking about buying this device think in advance where to store it.

 YouTube video:

3-Stage EdgeSelect system
It provides 15 degree angled edge instead of traditional 20 degrees
The unique technology prolongs the life of the knives
Diamond abrasives
Expensive: not everyone can afford it
Massive: it takes a lot of space



So, to sum it up, when you are looking for a knife sharpener pay attention on how it can be used. Can it sharpen serrated blades or scissors, some other tools or maybe anything else ?

It goes without saying, that best knife sharpener for one person can be the worst choice another. I made my own review of these devices and hope that it can help you to make a right choice.

Remember that the price is not the only criteria that determines the quality of the sharpener but nevertheless it is still one of the most important factors which you need to pay attention to, when choosing the best product on the market. It means, that if you pay 35 dollars for electric knife sharpener you will not receive the same productivity as with 150 dollars’ worth knife sharpener.

Yes, the price is often overestimated, that is why I have created this guide of  best knife sharpeners in 2017 to help you judge whether an item is overpriced or it’s really worth the money.


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