Best coffee grinders and burr mills 2017 – Buyer’s guide

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Coffee – it is a drink which unites people and cheers up in moments of fatigue. The cup of fresh ground black coffee usually  complements well breakfast or dinner. It’s well known that if you want to preserve the freshest flavors of the coffee it is better to grind coffee beans each time you are going to make coffee instead of brewing pre-ground coffee. This is the only way to fully enjoy the flavor of coffee .


What are the types of coffee grinders?

There are two types of coffee grinders: blade and burr grinders. Looking ahead, if you will choose between blade or burr coffee grinders always opt for burr coffee grinder. Let’s see why.

The blade coffee grinders are cheaper and simpler devices. They operate like a blender and equipped with motor and blade. After the power button is pressed the blade begins to indiscriminately break beans into small pieces. The longer you keep it on, the finer grind of beans will be. You can see that this is very simple process, but it’s downside is that it is uncontrollable  when it comes to grinding, whereby we get the big pieces and tiny ones which don’t get brewed in the same way during boiling process.

Regarding the burr coffee grinders, they can produce pretty evenly-sized coffee particles. It is important to remember that uniform grinding is one of the main keys to making perfectly flavorful coffee. Different sized pieces will give different rates of flavor release, because small peaces exude quickly and big pieces slowly. In this case small particles will over-exude while the big ones under-exude which will spoil the taste of coffee.

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There are two types of burr coffee grinders: conical and flat blade type. Also, burr grinders can vary based on the speed, grind adjustment and the dosing capability. Furthermore, they can be categorized as manual and electric.

In addition, I prepared my own review of  best burr coffee grinders in 2017 and you can find it further in this article.


Brand Type Coarseness Weight

Automatic 16 settings 3.8 pounds
Cuisinart Automatic 18 settings 4.5 pounds
JavaPresse Manual 18 settings 0.7 pounds
Bodum Automatic 12 settings 4.6 pounds
Baratza Automatic 40 settings 7.1 pounds


1. Automatic burr coffee grinder by Capresso

Let’s start this review of the Capresso Black 560.01 Infinity Burr Coffee Grinder from unpacking it. In my opinion, the product was well packaged and also protected from damage by foam blocks. The way this grinder is packed allows to receive your order safe and sound.

This coffee grinder has adjustable coarseness function and it allows you to choose how the coffee beans will be ground, 16 settings from fine to coarse. It is very important function because some coffee machines can’t brew coffee that is ground too fine and others can’t operate with too coarse-ground coffee. So this adjustment  is more important than ever and in this device works perfect and grinds very consistently due to steel burrs.

Speaking of the advantages of this device, I must note that it more quiet than other coffee grinders that I have used before. Gear reduction motor grinds slow with reduced noise and you will never worry in the mornings about waking up children.

Capresso burr coffee grinder looks very nice in the kitchen. On Amazon  you can also choose the model you prefer: black, stainless finish or stainless steel. Also it is very easy to clean, because all parts can be disassembled and cleaned separately. That’s why the cleaning process doesn’t take more than few minutes.

Speaking of the capacity, it can hold up to 8.8 oz of beans in bean container and to 4 oz of ground coffee in ground coffee container. These capabilities are more than enough. Furthermore, this coffee grinder has a timer that can be set to grind from 5 to 60 seconds.

Speaking of the cons, I noticed that using dry coffee beans, when you remove the container with the grinds it tends to make a bit of a mess on the counter.

Summing it up I would definitely recommend Capresso Infinity Burr Coffee Grinder to all coffee lovers!

 YouTube video:

16 adjustable coarseness settings: 4 each for extra fine, fine, regular and coarse
Steel burrs for high precision grinding
Quiet work
Selection of colors and materials: black, stainless finish or stainless steel
Easy to clean: all parts can be disassembled and cleaned separately
Good capacity: it can holds up to 8.8 oz of beans and to 4 oz of ground coffee
Timer: can be set time to grind from 5 to 60 seconds
If use dry coffee beans it may make a bit of a mess on the counter


2. Automatic burr coffee grinder by Cuisinart

My first impression after receiving this device was absolutely positive from the first sight. I pulled it from the box and immediately understood that this design with brushed stainless steel and black accents in durable plastic perfectly suits mine and probably any other kitchen interior.

The burr plates provide highly uniform grind that is so important for  improved release  of flavor from the coffee beans . Furthermore, Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill has 18 coarseness settings from extra-fine to extra-coarse grinding.

Another very important feature of this machine is the slide dial that allows you to choose the exact amount of coffee that you need for coffeemaker. Whereby you can choose anywhere from 4 to 18 cups.

Beans chamber and ground coffee holder are removable what allows for easy clean up of all parts with a brush which is included. The grind chamber can hold for up to 32 cups of ground coffee and bean hopper can accommodate up to 8 oz.

A possible design improvement for this coffee grinder is a better seal around the square connection between the grinder and the grounds bin, because overtime I noticed a leak in that place. As an option to solve this problem is to take the unit apart every few months and clean out all the coffee grounds.

 YouTube video:

Stylish: made out of brushed stainless steel and black accents in durable plastic
18 coarseness settings: from extra-fine to extra-coarse grinding
Burr plates: provide highly uniform grind
Slide dial from 4 to 18 cups: allows you to choose the exact amount of coffee
Easy to clean: removable beans chamber and ground coffee holder
Large capacity: grind chamber can hold ground coffee for up to 32 cups and bean hopper can accommodate up to 8 oz
Leak: it needs to be cleaned up every few months


3. Manual burr coffee grinder by JavaPresse

When you are looking for a coffee grinder you can find many automatic mills and not too many good quality manual mills. Most of them are the blade type what is not in demand nowadays. This JavaPresse Manual Burr Coffee Grinder does a really good job and giving a very consistent grinding.

Concerning the materials, the body made out of brushed stainless steel and the burr made out of strong ceramic that provides  grinding precise enough. Also it allows you to choose the grinding size from fine to medium coarse.

It is important to note that this device is slender and its size allows you to grind your coffee right into the aeropress coffee maker. I know many people who use this type of coffee maker so this will be good news for them! Besides, it is small enough to fit in a handbag and you can take it anywhere you go.

In addition, it is pretty easy to clean, you just need to take it apart and rinse with warm water. You repeat this procedure after every time you used it and it will not take a lot of time.

It goes without saying, that you  need to apply some effort to grind coffee beans with this one  unlike with automatic mills, where all you need is just to press the button. But it seems to me, that you don’t need to be a muscleman to operate this manual coffee grinder 🙂

 YouTube video:

Well made: the corpus made out of brushed stainless steel
Ceramic burr: giving a very consistent grinding and allows to choose the grinding size from fine to medium coarse
Suits aeropress coffee maker
Slender size: you can take it anywhere
Easy to clean
You need to apply some effort to grind coffee beans


4. Automatic burr coffee grinder by Bodum

The fourth item in our list is Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder. I ordered the black one on Amazon, but you can choose your own color: black, chrome, copper, green, red or white.

First thing that I noticed was rubberized exterior. It is very pleasant to touch and at first seemed like minor bumps protection. Nonetheless, after short period of time, I understood that this was grinder’s key disadvantage. The reason why I think so is because it accumulates kitchen dust and requires very frequent cleaning.

Having used the grinder for few days since I received it  and I didn’t notice any other problems so far. The key feature, that I didn’t find in previous coffee grinders, is a lid for hopper with measuring guide underneath it. It is a nice example of the rational employment of all device’s parts.

This coffee grinder by Bodum has conical stainless steel burr which provides identical grinding results every time. Due to 12 coarseness settings you can go from Espresso to French Press.

Size of the hopper allows to use it as a coffee bean storage and glass coffee catcher keeps grounds fresh and under the control. The coffee catcher made out of anti-static borosilicate glass so the fine coffee grounds don’t cling to it.

 YouTube video:

Different modifications: black, chrome, copper, green, red and white
Lid for hopper with measuring guide
Conical stainless steel burr: provides identical grinding results every time
12 coarseness settings: deliver the proper grind for your favorite brewing method
The coffee catcher made out of anti-static borosilicate glass: fine coffee grounds don’t cling to it
Rubberized exterior: collects dust from the kitchen and requires frequent cleaning


5. Automatic burr coffee grinder by Baratza

I must admit that if you want to buy the coffee grinder just to impress your friends, this one is not the perfect fit for this purpose. There is nothing appearance-wise in its look that could bring a WOW feeling. However, it is doing its job just fine.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Bin has 40 individual grind settings which allows to adjust coarseness from fine to coarse. The Encore has an accurate medium to coarse grind which allows to brew coffee by Aeropress, Chemex, pour-over and Siphon methods.

This device provides considerably more consistent grinding than blade grinders or manual burr grinders. Also, it works very quickly, it only needs  about 10 seconds to grind up your morning dose of coffee.

The biggest issue I noticed is that each time I tried to grind the coffee beans it became a bit messy on the counter. The particles produced by mill get out from the hopper and end up in front of the machine. So if you’re thinking about buying this coffee grinder be ready to clean the counter each time you operate it or put a mat under it.

 YouTube video:

40 grind settings: allows to adjust coarseness from fine to coarse
Conical burr: provides consistent grinding
Powerful motor: allows to grind morning dose of coffee in about 10 seconds
Poor design: can’t impress your friends
Leak: the particles get out from the hopper each time



In conclusion I would like to tell you that the best burr coffee grinder in 2017 for me is a Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder. But you can disagree with me and choose  another one – it is your choice.

Anyway, you should know what to consider when looking for a coffee grinder:

– grinder type: blade or burr;

– manual or automatic;

– coarseness adjustments;

– grinding evenness;

– loudness;

– ease of cleaning;

– static and heat buildup;

– price

Now when you already know my choice, read all the reviews and get an idea of what to look for in  a grinder, you can make your own choice with ease . Hope this guide was really helpful for you!



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