Best kitchen blenders 2017 – Buyer’s guide

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Blenders are handheld, easy to use, food preparation appliances that can be purchased for as little as twenty dollars. These devices are well known for various reasons, yet basically because they can be utilized to make an assortment of various foods taste better. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing them for soups or frosted beverages, these blenders are fundamental for appropriately setting up healthy nourishment.

The most common use of a blender is to thicken soups. They work great at blending potatoes into soup bases, which helps the soup become creamier without using corn starch or flour. So you can make soups taste better without additional calories.

 There are truly number of various uses for these adaptable machines including preparation of baby food, hummus, dips, salsas, mayonnaise, and even smoothies. Regardless of whether you have to puree, mix, whisk, or foam, a blender is the right device for the purpose.


How to choose the best blender?

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First, there is a subject of power. Blenders’ quality is measured by the quantity of watts they have. The more powerful blenders are superior  in performance to less powerful ones, but they are more expensive too and more energy consuming. If you need your blender to perform serious tasks, for example, shaving ice for shakes and smoothies, it will be a good decision to pick a blender that has a powerful punch. A blender with no less than 350 watts of power is what’s needed here.

Another consideration in finding the best blender is the type of jug. Logically, glass jugs are much better than plastic. For starters, while they are subject to breaking when mishandled, they hold temperature much better, they are more durable (scratch proof and holds up better with constant washing), and they are more stylish to boot. However, blenders with glass jars, especially the high-end ones, tend to be more expensive.

Then, there is the number of speeds blender has. It would be nice to have multiple speeds, as it allows you to blend different foods with precision. However, sometimes excess is not good either. Also, often times you won’t even use the various speeds available. However, a pulse option should never be left out.

The last part of choosing the best blender for you is to look at the extra features. Does it have a special lid that allows you to add food while already blending? Are the switches toggled by buttons or a touch screen? Does it look good in your kitchen? Does it have extra blades for special purposes? Is the product covered with a good warranty for parts and services? All those extra features are bonuses that can sweeten the pot, so to speak, and make your blending experience much better.


Now we will try to help you in choosing blender which would suits your needs ideally. We selected the best selling amazon blenders in 2017 and made a detailed reviews of them. So don’t waste your time and get to know them!


Brand Speeds Power Weight

3 1000 W 9.5 pounds
Hamilton Beach 2 700 W 8.8 pounds
Epica 1 250 W 3.4 pounds
Oster 7 1000 W 9.2 pounds
Magic Bullet 1 250 W 4.7 pounds


1. Blender by Ninja BL610

Ninja has taken the world by storm with its wide range of products. The Ninja Blender BL610 is one of its basic blenders. It is a simple blender base with the traditional blender pitcher. Unlike many other pitchers, this one has many features that allow it to stand out.

First off, if the lid is not properly secured, the blender will not work. If you have small children in the house this is a major draw. This could help prevent a major accident from happening. Secondly, all of the parts (except the base) are dishwasher safe. Many other blenders have to be washed by hand.

As far as Ninja Blenders go, this one is on the lower end of the cost scale. Majority of the other Ninja blenders cost well over $100.00. You can get the BL610 for around $74.00 on Amazon. This is pretty pricy compared to some other lower quality blenders, but you really are getting a great blender when you are buying the Ninja Blender BL610.

With a little bit of practice, you will actually be able to use the blender to chop food such as onions and peppers. It will completely demolish your ice to acceptable consistencies for items such as snow cones. You can also use it for typical purposes like to completely smooth out fruits for smoothies.

The Ninja Blender BL610 has amazing reviews on Amazon. It has 4.5 out of 5 starts, and hardly any negative comments. A couple of people said that the blender cup broke after a couple of uses and that they had to pay the shipping to have the blender cup replaced. This particular model does come with a plastic cup instead of a glass one, so you may want to take extra precautions and make sure you are storing it properly to avoid breaks.

The blender is pretty lightweight. It is about 9.5 pounds. Because it is so lightweight, this makes it perfect for just about everyone. Many people say they are able to pick it up with a broken wrist without any issues. This would be a great gift idea for an elderly family member in search of a blender. Base, pitcher, and all, it weighs less than two bags of flour. If they have a hard time with heavy objects, this would be a perfect option.

Really it all comes down to what you prefer. Every blender is going to have pros and cons, but as far as blenders go, the Ninja Blender BL610 really has a lot of pros and the cons really are not that big in comparison to cons with some of the other blenders. If you are constantly using a blender, it might be time to look into this one.

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Will not run if lid is not on
Dishwasher safe
Great for chopping, crushing ice, pulverizing
Blades are completely removable
Easy use buttons/simple instructions
Comes with easy-to-use recipes
You do not have multiple cups/single serve cups
The blender cup is plastic not glass


2. Blender by Hamilton Beach 58149

The Hamilton Beach 58149 blender measures 14.1 inches in height, width of 8.7 inches and 12 inches in thickness. It is a powerful tool, weighing 9.3 pounds, which is significantly lighter contrasted with others blenders.

Since it subject to a lot of vibration and gets hammered from being switched on, this device is developed using very sturdy and premium materials. Indeed, even with rehashed use, it won’t vacillate and it won’t break.

What’s especially notable in this kind of gadget is its great contemporary design. Smooth, moderate and industrial, the gadget includes see-through cylindrical containers plus a base in chrome and dark colors. Simple in its polish, it can supplement most counters in the kitchen and won’t conflict with any beautification theme.

Hamilton Beach Blender 58149 features a motor with a power capacity of 700 watt. This can in a split second beat and pound even the most hard seeds, ice or nuts. Its effectiveness and quality will ensure perfect milkshakes and smoothies every single time you use it.

This device can  function as both a blender and a slicer. The gadget has two different compartments, with its own specific set of sharp edges. One is ideal for combining and mixing fixings. It’s extreme and solid sharp edges can squash ice and mix the absolute best mixed drinks and beverages. The other is ideal for cutting and dicing fruits and vegetables. It incorporates sharp edges that chop vegetables into small pieces ideal for cooking.

Typically, one would need to have two different sorts of gadgets for this. That is not the case with Hamilton Beach 58149. It carries out two tasks, without skirting a beat equally well.

The Hamilton Beach Blender additionally incorporates a patented Wave-Action framework. This amazing feature continuously pulls the things in the compartments toward the blades.

This guarantees that most of the fixings set inside the mixer are pounded or cut as required. This eliminates the issue of having uneven outcomes or those irritating lumps in milkshakes.

This gadget likewise incorporates twelve different blending capacities, intended to address the needs of different users. Regardless of whether you need a simple mix or a more challenging aggressive smashing of  produce, this blender provides that adaptability.

This blender incorporates a pouring spout with no-mess with a pivoted top. This prevents unnecessary waste and ensures no excessive leftovers  on the walls while pouring something in glasses or bowls.

Hamilton Beach 58149 blender is easy to maintain. The blender jug and slicer holder are both dishwasher safe, which means you can simply toss it in a washer and be done.

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Includes a smooth and contemporary outline
Constructed using fine materials making it tough
Multifunctional; can operate as a blender or a slicer
Has a no mess gush that will avoid spillage
Components are safe for dishwasher
Has a power capacity of just 700 watts. You can find more powerful kitchen machines out there


3. Blender by Epica

Epica blender is a small personal blender with a 300-watt engine (110V)- a simple to utilize and advantageous gadget for whipping, pureeing, blending and hacking. It combines the stainless steel base, a little 20 ounce double utilize jar that transforms into drinking bottle with a basic curve, two prong divider that  get attached. You have the controls for lock and unlock for the jug with estimations as an afterthought and you have to curve the top to fill the container with ingredients, and put the lid on when you’re prepared.

Solid design. A minimal effort hand blenders are efficiently assembled and will go into disrepair inside a year or two of utilization, here and there even not as much as that. You have to ensure you are purchasing a blender which can offer you years of utilization.

Numerous speeds and settings for various employments. This gives you the adaptability to set up a range of various sustenances and beverages. Search for a powerful engine too for extreme occupations.

If you have to blend ingredients in more profound dishes, you will require a long enough blender to have the capacity to do it. Shorter blenders may constrain the dishware you can utilize. In the meantime, you don’t need your blender to be too substantial or overpowering, or it can be difficult to utilize. Ensure the model you purchase offers you predominant control.

Dishwasher-safe parts makes it simple to keep your blender clean.

Some hand blenders accompany a wide range of cool attachments which expand their capacity. Illustrations incorporate a chopper/processor for solid nourishments, a whisk, and a measuring receptacle. Innovative models like these with additional attachments are what might as well be called a hand-held sustenance processor.

Stylish design. This clearly isn’t as imperative as usefulness, however an attractive blender can look pleasant sitting on your ledge.

Simple and Safe Take-Along Blender Jar/Drinking Bottle. The best thing about this multi-skilled individual blender is that it’s 20-oz. Jar transforms into a drinking bottle with a fast spot of your wrist. Simply leave your blended treat inside, secured with the drinking gush lid. It can deal with an unpleasant ride; it’s amazingly breaks, Mark, and scratch-safe. Also, you never need to stress over BPAs, plastic tastes or scents draining into your sustenance.

Experience a radical new level of scrumptiously fantastic smoothness in your smoothies, soups, and sorbets! With a 250 watt engine, an astonishing 23,000 RPM and four super-sharp, surgical quality stainless steel blades, the Epica conveys results that must be tasted to be accepted.

The Epica Personal Combo Mixer/Blender features a safe shutoff which keeps the engine from running unless the jar is appended. It additionally has suction feet which help it grasp the ledge without “strolling” or tipping over. The jar can securely go in the icebox, cooler, and dishwasher.

The Epica is dependably extreme, with a stainless steel lodging and quality tried engine. What’s more, it’s covered by a 2 guarantee.

This blender is among the best and individuals have been looking for it. The fortunate thing about this audit of Blender by Epica is that it covers the primary regions of the Epica blender. The above data in great guide on the primary features of the blender.

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Easy to use
Simple to wash
Little enough for portability
Firm enough
Risky to those who don’t know how to use


4. Blender by Oster

Oster Blender is a surprising blender most definitely. It qualifies as a spending blender, yet it offers a liberal 1100 watts of power and enough accessories to make any size kitchen look cluttered. Managing those pieces, cleaning them, and assembling them into their different unsteady configurations was an adventure, and not a fun one.

Starting with its feeble detects, the design and usability categories are the reason I can’t universally suggest the Oster Blender. The relatively flimsy pieces don’t fit together well, requiring you to fiddle constantly and keep the instruction manual close by at whatever point you need to utilize one of the numerous accessories.

In general, these pieces take up lots of space and offer a couple of handy approaches to store them adequately. The result is a blending experience that is more troublesome than it must be and never allows you to lift the thing up and go simply.

The clear plastic jars, black bases and lids, and red accents look fine. The primary container even feels sturdy with a top that slides firmly into place, creating a viable seal. It has a feeder top that transforms into place effectively, however, won’t seal like whatever is left of the lid. I don’t know why they made such a cumbersome top with a snug fit along the edges just to make it difficult to seal the container given the feeder top, yet despite everything, it proved helpful now and again while including ingredients mid-blend.

Taking a gander at simply the design and usability, the Oster Blender appears like a poor product, and it’s actual that those viewpoints prove to be large detractions, however, the way that it has massive amounts of features that function admirably once they’re up and running brings this machine a lot of redemption. Performance legitimately includes the most our assessment and the majority of its blades and attachments meant a compelling blender.

Notwithstanding those physical pieces, you’re given an assortment of blending alternatives using modes and presets. A dial on the base gives you a chance to run the blades at low, medium, or rapid and move starting with one then onto the next as essential while blending. On the right, buttons for “Plunge/Salsa” and “Smoothie/Frozen Drink” run programmed modes that automatically experience distinctive speeds and settings optimized to make the named sustenance types.

The bottom has a button to pulse the blender and a unique alternative to run the blades in reverse for when sustenance stalls out. On the left, an on/off button capacities like a safety. Squeeze it and it will start to squint, telling you that the machine is active. Squeeze it once more, and you handicap the majority of alternate buttons.

Our four primary criteria for blenders performance, features, design and usability and (with performance as the most exceptionally weighted in deciding the ultimate result) – were divided into equal parts with the Oster Blender. Both usability and design didn’t prove weak enough to classify it as broken, yet were both notably frail, especially compared to alternate blenders we’ve tried. All things considered, the $65.86 Oster Blender is more assorted than anything beneath its price range.

 YouTube video:

Fantastic for grinding coffee beans
Great at making smoothies
The jar is big enough (70 ounces)
A tamper is incorporated for mixing ingredients as they blend
One of only a handful few with programmed pulse on manual pulse and ice crushing on each other speed
The jar and its all parts can fit in the dishwasher
Cord storage
Can’t make a hot soup, sauce, or beverage hot enough to be consumed


5. Blender by Magic Bullet

This review examines  Magic Bullet Blender to help you make your evaluation of this product.

Magic Bullet Blender was initially produced in 2004 and it was in high demand on the market when it first emerged. Its concept of easy to use blender was unique at a time. In fact, by 2007 it became the world’s best-selling pantry device.

Availability of Bullet Blenders

The best place to get a Bullet Blender is apparently Amazon. They ship everywhere, have a broad range of products, and usually supply you the best rates online.

The Magic Bullet  blender usually comes in standard configuration and you can rarely get additional accessories in some packages, like a juicer, pitcher, or travel mugs.

The owner and creator of Magic Bullet AJ Neal runs various websites about food, cooking, and vegetarianism.

Sometime after the initial success different types of  Bullet Blenders were produced, such as the Magic Bullet To Go, the Bullet Express, the Party Bullet, the Baby Bullet, and the Nutri Bullet. All of them have their distinctive features, but they all share the innovative original mechanism of Magic Bullet.

Advantages of having Magic Bullet:

As an option to stripping out cash on buying smoothies, you can effortlessly make your . Producing your own in your kitchen means you can be sure of ingredients in your smoothie. In addition, you’ll have the chance to test and mix up a variety of fruits and vegetables.

By using a small blender, you can make different portions. That’s perfect if you know that you only want to make a single serving which means that there is no waste if you’re making several different kinds of shakes or juices or even cocktails.

The magic bullet blender is ideal for cutting, grinding and crushing any type of food. This blender can surely assist in getting your food on the dining table in a shorter time.

With use magic bullet blender, one can avoid the use of many other appliances that take up space on the kitchen counter. You will not need a mixer or the a coffee mill any longer. Almost everything is achievable with use of this single kitchen aid.

The magic bullet blender comes with a cookbook which provides some useful tested recipes and the many great meals’ ideas you’ll be able to make in your kitchen. It is a most useful kitchen device that everyone would enjoy having.

Whenever you are trying to eat healthy and need to ensure proper intake of  fruit and vegetable, this small tabletop blender will assist you in reaching that goal very fast by making perfect smoothie.

There are some negative points as well, that should be mentioned here.

First, the motor of the Magic Bullet moves at the peak power of 250 Watts. For most  of people this is enough, but some more advanced users may require extra power of blenders’ motors for emulsifying.

Some users have  noticed  though that its motor is too powerful for simple duties like chopping onions. It seems pretty manageable to me though. Also, some had problems with blender’s parts being “soft” and hardly being able to cut food into tiny pieces.

 YouTube video:

Making smoothies in a short period and especially effortlessly
Can make different portions
Don’t takes a lot of space
Has a cookbook
Not very powerful motor



Kitchen blender has been in market for a very long time. It now can be found in pretty everyone’s kitchen. Today blenders can do anything from chopping food into tiny chunks to producing most smooth purees. Given their flexibility, they are an absolute necessity  to have in any kitchen. If you are thinking to upgrade your kitchen set-up,  buying a blender is not the worst idea.

As usual ‘Guru Adviser’ team hopes that this  buyer’s guide review  was helpful to you and now you don’t have any doubts regarding  which one is the best blender in 2017  for you personally. So if you liked this post don’t hesitate and share it!

See you soon 😉


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